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Monday Morning

May 21st, 2007 Posted in Life, Problems

Hello all, its been close to a week since I last spoke with you, and there are a bunch of topics to address today.

I’ll let everyone know who hasn’t already heard, I took the opportunity at MassMutual. Today was suppose to be my first day but I’m waiting to hear from my boss regarding if my background check is completed or not. This means that the other people, or at least one other person, on the project will have started already and I’ll be a latecomer, I don’t like being late. I wonder how thorough the background search is, if they dig deep enough they will find my blog.. “Hi background searchers”, or they’ll find Katie’s blog.. actually hers is more popular than mine. :-(

While everyone raised very valid concerns during the debate of the topic of previous blogs, overall I appreciate all the remarks very much. (Its the most non-spam commends a blog of mine has seen) There are a few things I should clear up, in no order whatsoever. I don’t hate anyone, that doesn’t just apply to this blog, its more a rule in general for me. I love Katie very much, that is also a rule in general. These rules in general don’t get broken like ever. I can’t think of any times I would break them. I live in the future, I think about how things will effect tomorrow, whats the best solution, not the fastest. I like to try some new things sometimes. Like new computer things. My parents have a strong influence over a lot of my decisions. I frequently choose to do things I don’t want to do or I don’t like to do, because I think it will be better for me tomorrow or will be better for other people. The real challenge is trying to manage both, whats best for others and whats best for me tomorrow, well I applied a unique principle here, I applied the rule recursively which made the decision so hard to make. I applied the principles of whats best for me tomorrow & whats best for others to the other people, which in English (or my attempt at English) translates to whats going to be best for other tomorrow, and whats going to continue being best for them. It should be no secret I aspire to change the internet somehow someway. Right now that plan translates into working for a large web company or some sort of something like that, but all of its likely to change at any point.

What does all this translate to in regular people speak? Maybe that all the discussion and “arguments” are good for developing new ideas but I formally request that the bickering and fighting be kept to a minimum. The topic is resolved for now, and if at a later time more information is needed, I’ll be more than happy to entertain ideas, discussion, and arguments.

On some other topics, Katie’s website will have some cool new features coming soon. I don’t want to giveaway anything but I’m excited to get working on them. All my other projects need some work as well, but my setup in the basement isn’t as warm and welcoming as I’d like it to be. The whole “working in the basement” mentality or something.

Who knows what this summer will bring but it certainly will be interesting. I’ll keep everyone posted as always.

Hrm, still no call from MassMutual.. Grr

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  2. By katie on May 22, 2007

    basically… he wants his ‘old so called friends’ to shut the hell up and leave moi alone.

    get it? got it? GOOD

    or else he’ll spam u and ruin ur internet

    ha ha ha

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