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Advice Needed Please!!

May 14th, 2007 Posted in Life, Problems

What to do what to do. Essentially the question is this: Big company vs small school district. Where should I work?

I interviewed at MassMutual today regarding a summer internship, its a pretty neat place I must say. The interview went well, and in the end I was offered the job; which was cool. So now I have to decide what to do. I haven’t gotten any type of offer from the schools yet, but now that town meetings has hopefully approved the budget, something will happen sometime. Unfortunately things don’t happen very fast always at the schools, and in past, work hasn’t started until July 1st, a major setback because June is between May and July.

So I need some opinions, and fast!

Here are some pros and cons:


  • Looks good, fortune 100 company
  • Experience with business class software
  • Better payment, More hours
  • Learning something new
  • Possibly moderately repetitive work (it is an internship)
  • 30 min drive to work, and very high gas prices


  • 3 years in a row, does anyone look at loyalty anymore?
  • Broad range of experience, networking, computer setup, server related functions
  • Not so much money or not as many hours, but the feeling that someone can learn something because you did your job well
  • Freedom to explore alternate routes, “self-manage”, encouraged in depth learning of something new
  • Computer vacuuming / cleaning isn’t super exciting
  • I can ride my bike and save gas

See I don’t know, I still very much enjoy helping work with the high school computer, mostly because it makes me feel like I’m directly benefiting something, and I see the work I do is something that I am good at, and it wouldn’t be a completely easy adventure to replace me. If I could only do both…. sigh… Then again many say I should take another challenge, try something bigger and newer.

But overall, I’m confused. I am asking for your advice, what would you do it you were me? Any thoughts would be very very very sincerely appreciated.

The faster the better would be good as I’d like to have a decision by tomorrow afternoon.

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  2. By Katie on May 14, 2007

    i don’t know if i should give my say in the matter.

    i don’t like anything over the top, cuz i know it’s just long hours with kt sitting at home with my pets, or sitting around loosing my mind with non-exsistent retards.

    one has more pros…or pros that i see, but what i say never has ever really mattered.

    perhaps my lil bri is just growing up to fast before my very own eyes.

    i know some aspects stand out more in ur life…ur like someone i know, you like money, and u like lots of it, and sometimes it blinds u.

    im sad that u wont have time for kt. or time for vacation with moi. or time to be around. i hate u growing older. it shouldn’t be like this now. I hate knowing i dont see u during the skool year and will barely see in the summer. this is suppose to be when ur 24, not 18. crap. what did i say yes to a year and a half a go.

    i’ll stop. since wat i have to say, is nothing really at all.


  3. By foxfire on May 15, 2007

    go for the school job, man; why do u want to be a corprate guy at 18???? plenty of time for that when u gotta get a real job; do you need the $$ for school? if no wait and see if SHHS offer s u a position

  4. By katie on May 15, 2007

    i hate you

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