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Good Afternoon

May 8th, 2007 Posted in Life

Right now I am avoiding the important stuff, packing, studying, repeat. Why? None of it is very interesting to me. Packing is very repetitious, I find it relaxing, but its still boring at points. Especially when you can’t back most of the stuff because I need to record some TV in approximately 7 minutes. I have a hard time coming up with blog titles, I always fear what I come up with is a repeat, something I’ve used before. And we simply can’t have that.

I’d like to make a few official statements regarding Facebook and Myspace, because the social networking scene is always in the news. The majority of everything would be solved if people did two things; 1) not be an idiot and 2) have some common sense. Shall we being?

Lets. The concept of social networking is great, it facilitates communication between individuals using several, seemingly dynamic mediums. Photos, comments, blogs, bulletins, messages, profiles, videos, younameittheygotit, all a dynamic medium. If you click delete, the content is gone, washed away. Or so you think. No, I’m not talking about the fact that a proprietary organization could perform data recovery to recall the “deleted” content, accessing the hosts servers and mucking everything up. I’m taking about the internet. The key is indexing, real-time indexing is incredibly difficult to achieve with the current structure of the internet, so sites are indexed at intervals and caches created. A backup was just made. As you read that last sentence a computer just visited a myspace page and made a backup of sorts. If you search for “Embarrassing Photo”, it will find it, and give you the local backup copy, you, the user are like OMG, I just deleted the picture. How do they still have it? Well you should just consider it magical, as your probably busy thinking what “Embarrassing Photos” you have online, yes.. even the very well hidden, all accessible if you know where to look. Bam, tens of thousands of websites were just backed up.

Why such a strange topic for this blog, because I’ve been bored. And when I’m bored I surf the social networking scene, reading blogs, bullitens, etc. Honestly, I don’t care what your favorite music is, what you’re currently wearing, or how many pets you have. But what I find funny is the duration of the material. Years from now people will be able to go back and read what you wrote on that survey when you were bored in Science class. Your kids, scary thought, not for me.. but someone has to have them, will be able to, with the write search strategy, find what you were doing when you were in High School / College. Oh and your kids really don’t care, but future employers are definately caring.

As for the Delete button, or even those people who clean up your internet reputation, it looks great and all. But its not really working, you could save yourself some effort and no click it.

Personally I don’t delete things, I’d much rather know whats out there, and have an accurate and fair representation of it then be surprised when someone finds something in some long lost backup.

Oh yes, and for those of you myspace users. I’m sorry to burst you little bubble, but people don’t get skinned alive, the murderer is not going to find you if you read that bulletin unless he works for myspace in which case, i doubt he would be killing people in his spare time.

As for me, I’ll keep doing the non-deleting things. As I see it, its history, you can either write it or be written about, and as far as I’m concerned, I don’t know anyone who could write mine better than me.

KKKK, done with the serious and professionalism of that part. I’ll be heading back home tomorrow night after my CS 2 final. I’ve been packing off and on as much as I can. Less work tomorrow = better. With that comes summer work, just recently I was contacted by MassMutual, responding to a letter and resume I sent them. They’re interested in meeting with me for an interview relating to some documentation and 4GL work on some systems that I don’t remember off the top of my head (Gmail has it). I don’t know the outcome of the interview, but I’ve been thinking over a tough decision. Lets say both SHHS and MassMutual had a position for me. I would bet MassMutual would pay more than SHHS, and it would probably look better on my resume, something different.. more a business environment kinda thing. But idk, I enjoy the work I do at SHHS. Its as challenging as I want it to be, there is almost always a 30 second fix for things but I can choose to find the better way to address the problem, explore options, learn at my own pace and stuff like that. Its most likely going to come down to enjoyment and satisfaction vs experience, skills (resume stuff), money, and maybe getting a car since I’ll have to drive a lot and stuff. Hrm, wwyd? (What would you do?)

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  2. By katie on May 9, 2007

    on another note workin at the same place for many years looks excellent, it shows trust, interest, and lots of other stuff plus at the other place u wont be doin anything u really kno or need to know

    but u want money and a car

    yes america and our society should be criticized for their obsession with materialism….thank u standarized testing

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