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May 1st, 2007 Posted in College, Life

Today I think everyone that chatted with me started off their conversation with “hey”, personally I like to start off with something a little more formal like Hi or Hello. Note the capitalization, while I don’t practice perfect English online, I don’t speak ghetto.

My brother likes to speak decent English when he’s online, using punctuation and such, I think that punctuating my coversations because it adds too my rigidness, and I like some fluid in my conversations.

That was going nowhere fast, lets change gears. 2 days of official classes left at my first year here at RPI. Time certainly has flown by. I still don’t know where half of anything is, but the Google Maps version of Shuttle Tracking certainly helps provide reference points. I’ll be recapping more as I get on summer break, which still isn’t set in stone yet.

I have some RPI TV related plans, as I’ve decided the current status quo isn’t friendly with the Brian M status quo, maybe I can change it… I don’t know.

Digital Signage will continue on, apparently the institute is very interested in it, and wants to spend some money possibly. I still have to learn some AJAX in the process. Based on my last AJAX adventure with shuttle tracking, I learned it really wasn’t as magically as its hyped up to be.

Hrm, there was something I had thought of but it has just slipped my mind. Time to think extra hard about it.

Oh well, I’ve been busy securing all the servers I work on, a rash of hackers have been cause much frustration. Most of the attacks have been brute force attacks, but one seems it was directly compromised which worries me. Of course google refuses to accept its mail, for some reason I have no clue why. I’m going to have to continue poking at it to make it cooperate.

Saturday Katie helped me out with some RPI TV stuff, we filmed the Black Students Association “Star Awards” that went for a very long time. Katie did an extraordinary job running her camera, even tho it was uncomfortable up on the balcony. Props to her, whatever “props” are.

I have some emails to send regarding summer work, I’ll be back soon.

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