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April 23rd, 2007 Posted in College, Life

Before we get going let me show you the latest updates to my blog, its been a while since I changed the theme around and I was getting tired of red. Red really isn’t my color, I like blue. After upgrading the backend software I added some subtle plug-ins, making it easier to change the content on the right panel, and cleaning out some of the huge images. I had to cut the word association from the new version, but maybe it will be back soon. I’m also not a huge fan of the header image, if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them. Images aren’t my forte but I try to get Photoshop to do as I please.

Back to the issue of summer, I think summer hit me early this year; earlier than I was expecting. It was like bam, (the sound effect not my initials), here you are.. summer at RPI. I certainly wasn’t expecting to see all these people outside and everything, it almost reminded me of being here for NRB. I’m lucky I had my computer and was able to effectively hide in my room.

Today it was hot again, still unable to bring myself to wearing shorts I put on pants and a short sleeve button up collared shirt. I was very warm and felt like I was approaching fainting in Discrete, I kept drinking water and survived. Its cool in the dorm room, that is a pleasant feeling. I don’t feel like fainting at RPI, it seems like it would be a very unpleasant event.

This summer will certainly be an interesting one, I don’t know what it will bring but it certainly will be bringing something. The only way is to wait and see. Only a week and a half left of classes, ahh! The end is coming quickly, more quickly than I originally thought.

Its 11:00pm, I should be heading to bed.

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  2. By Katie on Apr 24, 2007


    i hate that pic of me. please get a new one for the top ….PLEASE!!!!

    and ummm i personally cant wait to see u and I WANT U HOME IN JUST THAT LIL AMOUNT OF TIME

    at least u get out early…i dont get out till june 18th ahhhhh. save me.

    ok i love you.

    muah and fix the pic.

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