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April 22nd, 2007 Posted in College

Summer seems to bring out different people here at RPI. I went home for the weekend, primarily to rent a Tuxedo for Katie’s prom. I like dressing fancy, maybe someday I’ll own a tux of my own. If I would it would be a black one, with a white shirt. No fancy colours or anything like that, I’m not friendly with colours.

Anyways, the weather has been very warm lately, in the 70’s all weekend, tomorrow is rumoured to peak 80. Well, the warm weather has broughten out a different type of people, everyone is dressed in bathing suits or summer clothes clearly bought at some popular store in a Mall, referencing non existant “Surf Shops” or various sports… all the signs of people I generally don’t get along to. It seems they have taken over the campus, filling the dining halls and the grass, playing with a hose and slip-and-slide and everything.

It reminds me of a large party going on. A party to which I am not invited, would not fit in at, nor really want to attend. I’ve always wondered what it feels like to be in a group of people like that, sure I’ve run my share of simulations but I can only simulate so far.

Everyone is also wearing flip-flops or sandals and and I’m not a big fan of seeing everyones feet.

This blog has lost my attention, I’ll revisit the subject later.

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  2. By Katie on Apr 22, 2007

    u better not be checking out any girls in bath suits or ur balls are going to be cut off.

    plus i know those ppl, and sure i love some crazy ppl like those u simulate about, but i also remember inviting u to a party, but u didnt go.

    soooo yeah.

    im peacing

  3. By you know who on Apr 22, 2007

    you guys have a slip-n-slide? wtf, why dont we have that?

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