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Results para 3

April 19th, 2007 Posted in College, Life

I think think serves as the last of my reults series, at least for now. I’ll be reporting on the results of housing selection for this year, and anything else I feel like.

Sunday was time to select housing for next year, having a bad number (see results para 1) I had to go at 4:00pm, pretty close to the end of the housing selection process. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I tried to figure it out. Downstairs they had maps of “available rooms”, but “available” I mean they were not kept up to date and presented many more rooms as available than actually were. I found three rooms that were suitable, 2 singles for males in BarH and one double, incase the two singles were full of course.

Apparently your actual number doesn’t have very much to do with the selection, its more your number block. I could have had any number between 460 and 470 and gone at the same time. That really removed the variation in the process, I would have thought having number 466 meant I could choose a room before 467 but that wasn’t the case. If you apply similiar logic to the around 650 numbers, it really reduced to 65-80 groups of housing selectees. This is intriguing, I’m not sure what it means.. but it means something.

Right, back to the actual process. I went up with the “block” of numbers and of course there were no good rooms left, the two singles didn’t exist and seemingly hadn’t for a long time. There were few “acceptable” rooms left, by acceptable I mean on campus and close to dining facilities. None of them were a single. So, I used backup plan number.. well I don’t know the number, and choose a random double in BarH. I don’t remember the number, but it was a rather embarassing process. The person incharge of the BarH table appeared to have never had a single person open a double before, they had to go check with administrators, make special notes on the map, etc etc. I felt like a loser, and a rather large one at that.

Who knows what will happen, I will update as I find out more.

But this also raises questions regarding next years room selection process. I could use the “intra-hall” thing to try to get a single located elsewhere in BarH, but thats really not my ideal situation. I would really prefer a single in the Quad, somewhere close to everything but that requires the All Campus process, a risk I’m not sure I want to take. I may pull out some statistics and see what I can do this summer, maybe some p-values or something like that. I’ll have to find my notes.

Onto bigger and better things.. well, I don’t know bigger or better. Today is the last Differential Equations test, I hope I do decent on it. If I do well I might not take the final, its optional. The material is tricky, and the equations are all very similiar with little differences. Of course my biggest point loss will probably occur at the integration by parts step(s).

I should go look over some more notes. Luck will be needed, but I probably don’t have any.

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  2. By Katie on Apr 19, 2007

    you can never talk about anything intersting.

    u bore me.

    and i wish u had given me a phone call, or left me a message on something or emailed me.

    o well

    i will sulk.

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