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April 14th, 2007 Posted in Life, Mistakes

Hello. This week has been a pretty darn awful week. I just turned in my computer science, which is done very poorly and doesn’t work for all cases. I don’t like re-writing code someone has already written, if I wanted to that I would become a secretary or a typist. I’ve done fairly well on all the others so I can probably take a slight hit, who knows.

I also didn’t get accepted to Google Summer of Code. Bummer. I only submitted one application, because I think people shouldn’t cheat and try for lots of different things. I applied to overhaul the Geeklog installer, a system written in php. I don’t know why I didn’t get accepted, but they only read my full application once. Pretty lame huh? You can read it here if you want, its probably garbage thought. http://www.rpi.edu/~michab3/gsoc.htm

That pretty much ruined the later half of the week for me. I got Diff Eq done on time, and now I have a few projects looming over my head, a civil war map needs to be done up in HTML/Google Maps. Digitial Signage needs some severe coding, and somewhere there are servers looking for help. Whoa is me.

In other news, Katie checked out Emerson today. I think its her new boyfriend. Of course the school is much better than RPI, they have elevators with scales and policemen and all sorts of fancy goodies. We have.. umm.. the XL2?

Time to move on to something else.


Oh yea, you can hire me for work this summer if you want. I’ll do things

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  2. By Katie on Apr 14, 2007

    picking on me?

    ok they MAY not be technologically as advanced as RPI. BUT they do have ur laundry email or txt you, and they do have some cool sights. plus i dont think ANYONE could get busy there, and there are 600 clubs, pretty neat.

    OOO and stupid RPI has a bad radio… emerson has the NUMBER ONE college radio station in the country. ITS HOTTTTTT THERE… literally.

    ok i love u brian. and i really do…and i just like emerson cuz its sooo me. if u saw it, u would be like erm thats my girl.

    ok ill stop I LOVE YOU LOTS!

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