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April 9th, 2007 Posted in College, Life, Mistakes, Problems

Well the results from the Reslife Lottery is in, and I’m not on the top 100, top 200, top 200, 300 or 400. I am number 466, which means that just about everyone gets to pick a room before me. To give you a perspective on how this lays out, the first numbers get to pick at 9:30am. My lottery number picks at 4:00pm. The last lottery numbers go at 6:00pm, if there are any left. And this schedule doesn’t include a lunch break or any kind of pause. I guess my hopes of a single can be flushed down the toilet… I dont’t know what I should do or what will happen. Chances are I will pick a random double or something like that. I’m not sure if the system is “rigged” yet, there are certainly lots of variables that could be put into place here. If I had last years numbers a correlation might be easier to draw, unfortunately I don’t know where to get them. I was hoping to get a good number this year so I could get a single and keep it for the next 3 years, it would have made life much easier.. but noo.. I’ll have to wait until next year to try for that I guess. If, that is.. I figure out how to actually get a good number. Yes, I’m feeling pessimisitic in this area.

Speaking of areas, my grades are officially on my mind. I’ve never been a “numbers” person, I don’t calculate GPA on a weekly basis or calculate what I need on a test or anything like that, I think knowledege is whats important. I certainly need to get some more knowledge in a few subjects, specifically most of them. Differential Equations and I have never been friends, there are weeks where I can beat it and weeks it beats me. The same applies to Discrete math. I completely messed up that test… I need to forumlate some kind of academic overhaul plan that I can implement within in the next 4 weeks to pull my grades up as much as possible. Some people say grades don’t matter, but to me they do. And even if they didn’t, It would be extra depressing to have both a bad lottery number and bad grades.

Last week I’ll blame everything on the plague, I should have gone to the health center and gotten them to tell me to stay out of class but a) I’ve never done that before and I tend to screw things up the first time and b) I like to stick it out. Not that sticking it out has ever actually done anything for me.

I have to go to Differential Equations and pretend to understand, maybe today he will make sense. Who knows, not me.

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