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Happy Easter

April 8th, 2007 Posted in Life

Happy Easter all, and if you don’t celebrate Easter, Happy Spring.

It was certainly and interesting weekend. Katie surprised me on Thursday night in the middle of a CS 2 debugging session. Luckily she didn’t mind hanging around while we fixed the code. My original plan was to spend Friday and Saturday with Katie and spend Sunday by myself. Sometimes I find being “lonely” very relaxing, it allows me to focus, and.. with the right mindset.. I can get a whole lot of work done.

But instead I went with Katie to the Easter festivities. Her parents gave me a very nice basket full of Easter goodies, and Katie also gave me some wonderful Easter treats. I didn’t expect anything, so now I have to get them something good in return, hrm. Any ideas?

Also, I had the plague this past week, its almost better. I found being sick very not fun, it made thinking difficult. I was still able to finish most of my work on time (Diff Eq got postponed until tomorrow) but yeah, I went through several boxes of tissues and took several naps. I’m not getting in the habit of napping though, that is a bad thing.

This week I hope to push through some digital signage code, which is much needed. Tomorrow I find out how lucky I am in the room selection process, eek. I hope I’m slightly lucky!

Alas, something is begging of my attention. I’m not sure what, but working on it is the way to go.

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