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Slow internet

March 31st, 2007 Posted in College, Life, Problems

The internet is going to slow for me at the moment, I’m trying to download 3 movies, and none of them are coming. Since I think that you should pay for movies, at least most of them, I rent most of mine from Amazon Unbox, its a pretty neat service. Usually things go moderatly fast, a few megabytes/sec which is reasonable. Tonight I was getting “Hollywood Land” at around 3 mb/sec, I got about 15% downloaded and started watching it, of course I watched faster than it downloaded and now I’m waiting. It slowed to a crawling 1mb/sec which is awful for a 2.25gb file. Yuck!

I’m also trying to get my hands on another movie, but the torrents are slow as well. Who is stealing all the bandwidth around this place? Luckily the potential viewer is taking a nap so there isn’t any frustration, but I paid 3.99 for Hollywood Land, I expect a decent download time.

Its wierd, at such a technological “high speed” place, there seems to be no High speed place for news, I was expecting some website to contain the elections results soon after the election but that site is illuding it, it would have been more effective for the RPI TV website to post the results. The only way I found my limited knowledge out was by reading facebook, and even that doesn’t have any complete data on it.


I should stop interacting with the internet in an effort to save a few kilobytes in bandwidth. If I felt I was using all my “port” in the wall was allocated I would look into a multi-wan solution, but that doesn’t feel like the case. If it is.. well I’ll get on that.

Goodnight Moon

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  2. By Katie on Apr 1, 2007

    it was i asleep

    hee hee

    im glad we got to hang out and i got to spend the weekend with you

    thank you

    sorry i was trying to nap to feel better

    i love u

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