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Yesterdays News

March 30th, 2007 Posted in Uncategorized

Yesterday was a very busy day, if you haven’t heard by now there was a death at RPI, someone comitted suicide by going over the railing of the 9th floor of the CII, they landed between the 4th and 5th floors. The individual sustained massive head trauma, and on first inspection it appeared to be some type of gun shot wound, swat teams from the area locked down the campus. RPI TV sprung into whatever form of action we have and got busy.

Of course all our equiptment was in the locked down area so we really couldn’t do much of anything with that, luckily we had a few bits and pieces around we were able to pull together.

We set up the “News Center” in Andy Clarks room which doesn’t have any cell service for me, wierd huh?

Technically I’m the “News Manager” for RPI TV, which means I’m suppose to be incharge of newslike things but I’ve found that to rarely happen, it seems the people incharge are those who take charge not those who are appointed incharge.

My role was done by 8:30pm last night when I was able to call my dad and let my parents know I was ok, of course mom had to call back to make sure. And I was able to call Katie and attempt to brief her on the situation that had gone on the entire day.

This blog isn’t going anywhere now, and I think I have laundry to do. Hopefully RPI TV can get the show up today, if we can’t I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to do and form of semi-real news. For updates, check: http://rpitv.union.rpi.edu/news.php?newsid=5

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