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Blogging from Vista

March 25th, 2007 Posted in Life

I continue my blogging efforts from my laptop tonight, why? I don’t know. It was in “Sleep” mode the majority of the day and I wanted to take it out and shut it down before I went to bed.

As if I was a Tech writer: Vista contunes to struggle to keep up with my tasks. It dislikes a lot of everything, specifically wifi and the VPN. Besides that my only complaint may need to be directed at Len….well IBM… as the power button does not always seem to actually provide power to the system when in “Sleep”. I’ve come to the official conclusion RPI’s VPN based Wireless authentication system is dumb, and using 802.1x PEAP-GTC as a secondary system is almost as stupid. The concept of a VPN was to allow external users like traveling salespeople or those working from home to connect into the internal company network, not allow those at the company to connect into the company network. As for the 802.1x mess, RPI uses a protocol not built into Windows and not something publically available. If I was unable to use the VPN.. wait, I can’t use the VPN!, I would have a hard time connecting because this GTC authenication is only offered through drivers/connection software made my Cisco Certified people… in short.. no one who has Vista. If I were incharge I would push for Mac address authentication or something a little closer to real access points where you’re presented a nice webpage to login with,, not this garbage.

RPI got some Vista lisences with Office 2007, of course I wanted to snatch them up. Of course I was too late.. I got there about and hour late, all gone. Grr. MSDNAA plz!

Off the Vista front, tomorrow I have a Psych test. I dislike Psych, I see it as rather useless and not helpful. Which may relate to why I’m not very good at it.

I had a pleasent weekend. Maple sugar is very sweet and sugary. The weather was nice out. I realized I remember some events much more than others, like some weekends or nights I can vivid remember adventures at McDonalds but others, I can’t seem to remember anything at all. I wish I could remember more, if it was feasabile I would record it all, but my short term memory is limited to 2 items, (the normal person is good for 7 +/-2) so I could never recall it all for documentation, I’d need a video camera or something… and lots of hard drives.

Speaking of hard drives, still no sign of summer work. I’m waiting on Google’s Summer of Code project, as well as the Elms College to get back to me. I may look into applying at Westover as a Civilian.. don’t worry.. just computers for me. And if all that fails, then to Best Buy/Circuit City/Comp Usa… I hate those godawful places. I wouldn’t be opposed to work at SHHS if offered… I know I should “move on” but I don’t see Customer Sales/Service as moving on much. Well there goes that plan, I just looked at Westover. They want a “Computer Clerk”, someone to type notes up.. thats not me.

I’m going to go to bed to charge up for the test tomorrow, I hope they have a plain bagel out for me.


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  2. By katie on Mar 27, 2007

    you r a dork

    and i just dont know.

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