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Stolen Dryer

March 23rd, 2007 Posted in College, Life, Stupid People

I just got back from switching laundry around, I got there around 1 minute before the washers ended and I opened two dryers (the only 2 empty ones) and cleaned out the lint traps and threw in dryer sheets to do w.e dryer sheets do. I left the drawers open and casually just sat down waiting for the 30 seconds left to end.

Then this girl walked down the stairs clearly wanting to dry her clothes. She looked at one of the open dryers I had planned on used, inspected that it had nothing in it besides my dryer sheet, and then started tossing stuff in! Grr. Was it too hard to conclude that since the door was open on two of the machines, and I was tossing my dryer sheet in the other one that maybe I had already done the same for the other one? Apparently so.

I ended up using another dryer, after evicting someones brown towel and cleaning the lint trap. Of course I didn’t have any dryer sheet or anything.. she was using that. I used that one for my whites. Now I am stalling because I don’t want to go down there if she is emptying her clothes or anything even tho I don’t believe she knows they just ended.

I also have to meet with my advisor sometime, we were suppose to meet on Tuesday from 4-5 which is Senate time for me. I emailed him and he said I could swing by if I dropped him a call. So I dropped him about 7 calls between Wednesday and Thursday and I heard nothing back. I called him today at 10 am and he said he had class and would be back at 11:30. He didn’t know who I was though and made me feel very uncomforatble as he was in a rush.

CS 2 test at 2pm today, shouldn’t be too bad. Gen Psych is Monday, I dread that. I’m bad at stuff that I can’t relate to anything, usually I make up my own relations by I just can’t seem to connect.

Time to go steal my clothes before someone moves them.


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