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Break no more

March 11th, 2007 Posted in College, Life

Break is over, boo hoo. Well, I technically have 1.25 hours left, but there is nothing exciting I can do in that time, so I will dedicate it to sleeping.

Let me try and recap what happened:

I rewired the surround sound using thick expensive wires run through the holes cut for heater pipes, I hope they don’t melt. It wasn’t my idea though.. I just make it work. During the process I discovered we get HD channels, which aren’t fully working yet. I enjoy watching not working tv channels. I like to laugh at them. The audio “Digitial Out” from the TV going into the “Digitial In” at the surround sound/dvd player seems to be a decoration, but fiber is cool so the cable is there anyways. I’m not a huge fan of Koss, cheap but yea.. cheap.

I interviewed at the Elms College, for a position that doesn’t exist yet. Isn’t that super? In all honestly it was fun, the interview was fast and focused, everyone was in a rush that day, but I think I did a good job showing them who I am. I think I learned my computer skills aren’t very focused, which I think is ok. I’m good at a lot of things. I’m not a guru expert genius at any one thing, but I’m very competant in a lot of things. I like to thing of myself as a person that makes systems work together, I can integrate things. Until something opens up, I’m still interested in integrating your systems. Please email me.

I did a little coding, by that I mean under 100 lines.. nothing too thrilling.

I enjoyed being home for the week, it was relaxing to cook my own soup for lunch, it was unfun that I couldn’t go to the studio. I hope it never looks like I don’t care, because I do care and really wish I could be there. The force field is in the way.. hrmph.

Back at RPI things are going on, I just added “Comments” to Katie’s website..nothing fancy there. I thought of adding AJAX but decided it was too much work for too little benefit. I wish I had a course in AJAX or CSS or something like that, I get CSS and I get AJAX but my background is from the PHP side of things, not the J or the X parts. I consider myself good at XML because I make XML files from php. ‘Nuff Said. Lol. Someday that will be done, I just have to keep one upping the current system.

RPI TV may be busy, who knows. We need to write a Capital Improvement Plan, and make it happen. I think we do enough for people that someone should care, even if we have to film EBoard meetings.. eww? Apparently GM Week is coming up, which means everyone politically involved on campus goes out and does stuff. I will be in the sidelines filming, like always.

I never read Bridge to Terebithia, but **SPOILER** the girl dies ** / SPOILER**. I thought that was a lousy ending, especially since the girl reminded me of Katie, similiar haircuts I believe. So Katie better not die or use an un-approved rope swings. That would be silly.

I enjoyed getting to watch ER from 10:00am to 12:00 every day. You’ll note I never put an am or pm next to the 12:00 that means lunchtime, I don’t know what it is. I usually have to ask Windows.

I have class at 10:00am tomorrow, I hope the VPN is feeling lucky. My left thigh really hurts. Grr to it.
I’m sorry this post wasn’t very intelligent, I’m just not feeling much of anything at the moment.

Good Night Moon

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  2. By Katie on Mar 12, 2007

    how do i remind u of the girl?

    guess that means u HAVE to invite me to everything with u, so i dont die all alone!

    i miss u and wish u were still here

    but i enjoyed getting to see u greatly!

    i love you.

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