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Spring Break

March 5th, 2007 Posted in Life

Today is Monday, the first “official” day of my Spring Break. I’m not sure why its called Spring, its not very spring-like out here but its a pleasent break. I’m taking today very slow and boring, there are a few little things I could be doing but some of them are tricky without a vehicle, Kevin has it at school today.

Tomorrow I have an interview with the Elms College regarding summer work, I hope all goes well. I’m not really sure what this summer holds but I hope it can be moderately interesting and sucessful. Last summer was mediocre. My summers have never been filled with partying, crazy activies, or wild adventures… usually I.. well what do I do? Stare at a computer screen and code my own party. I don’t know… Summer is far away though, tomorrow is not. Hopefully my speech stays intack and I don’t studder or get lost for words. I’ve never had an official interview before, my past work has been arranged otherways.

What else do I have planned for the week, not very much. I have Computer Science homework that will take 12 minutes, a little work on Digitial Signage, and maybe some Brispace initiatives, I may do some research on the RPI TV capital improvement plan.

Around the house I’m going to be continuing my fight with surround sound, I’m going to try to hook up the surround sound downstairs, even though its older than me and I’ll try to extend the cabling in the family room. Nothing exciting at all.

Too bad there aren’t many good TV shows on after lunchtime, I’m learning about bricks right now. Wow.

Speaking of televison, I’ve just discovered all of these hidden “HD” tv channels, I’m not sure if they’re really HD, but they are like 57-1, 57-2, 57-2, etc. I’m intrigued by them, they weren’t here the last time I went that high up in the numbers.

I think I’m going to go do something more eventful..

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