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Too Long

February 25th, 2007 Posted in Uncategorized

Its been too long since my last update. Almost two weeks! No, I haven’t died. I’m not 100% sure why I haven’t been able to update. I know I continue to get spam comments which is uncool so I keep on deleting them.

I think I’m experiencing mid-semester boredum. I find my classes very boring, and the material relatively useless. Computer Science continues to be nothing of importance. I’ve tried to supplement this with RPI TV and a Digital Signage system programming project, unfortunately these have not filled the gap quickly. The Digital Signage code is slow, I can finish my weeks assignment in a day or two… very unsatisfying,, no real challenges or learning occurs. RPI TV is moving very slowly.. where are they moving? I have no clue. I’m not sure its the right direction, but movement is better than nothing at all. I’m still definately feeling the freshmen feeling of inability to really do anything, but thats just the way things go I guess.

I’m not sure how I feel about spring break being next week, I just want to do something helpful and useful but over spring break the likelyhood is low of that happening. I would consider volunteering at the schools but since I’ve been excommunicated I think its best I not. Grr to certain people, I almost feel like saying I toldya so.

My last project before I was excommunicated was a “yesterday” folder, a complete backup of the yesterday as it was yesterday. This project didn’t get very far.. but what’s interesting is I heard that a hard drive failed, and the entire graphical arts portion of the network was lost. I used to run the graphics drive on a 233mhz P1 with Windows 2000 Server and RAID-5. It wasn’t superspeed, but it wasn’t gonna break.

Continuing the computer news, Vista and Cisco VPN are not friends.. I’ve found that connectivity is harder than I would find bench pressing 200lbs. Yuck. I just found a new beta version to install, maybe I’ll be more lucky. Of course I can’t download the latest versions myself, that would require a SMARTnet ID or something.

RPI’s shuttle tracking system is yucky as well. It uses java to update a static image. Someone is very dumb. I would use the google map API and have a usable system within a day. And it might work without having to load java.

Speaking of the region, there is an interesting contest going on at a local radio station, Fly 92.3’s contest to find “The Shadow” which is a regular guy (ok, he’s kinda creepy) who lives in the Capital District and has provided several clues to his whereabouts. I know he wasn’t at the Burger King or McDonalds when I was there, rats. Oh, by the way.. if you find him you get $10,000. Yea.

I just got an idea…. decomplile .class here I Come

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  2. By Katie on Feb 27, 2007


    u can be helpful and useful by helping me film my segment and creating a film for the WoW contest hee heehee

    umm im bored in the library again, avec kevi n michalski

    well ttyl

    i love you

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