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Of course I forgot

February 12th, 2007 Posted in College, Life, Stupid People

I had a great blog planned for today, of course that means I forgot it. I thought of it earlier today, and.. well.. its still in earlier today. Maybe if I write for long enough I can flush it out.

Wait a second.. I’m starting to feel it coming.


This morning I decided to have a bagel with butter, something I have 20% of the mornings here at RPI. Let me walk you through what made this morning so different. I got the bagel, there were only 2 plain ones left I could find, and I choose the one with a large flat part on it. I cut it, and then waited to put it on the toasting maching. I debated in my head which way goes up, the straight-cut side or the cooked curved outside of the bagel. I noted the person in front of me had their bagel going in with the curved side up, meaning the cut of the bagel was down. I decided that was not the way to go, as the bottom of the bagel will most likely endure more heat, and I like toasted, not on fire. After waiting for there to be enough room, I placed my bagel, cut side up. I slide over and cut a moderate slab of butter to be spread later and put it on my place. I then went over to get juice, knowing I didn’t have much time left. As I got back to the bagel area, I noticed a guy walking away with a plain bagel, one that had the same unusual flat spot mine did. I was suspicious, upon arrival I saw a bagel at the bottom of the toaster, covered in burnt spots, cut side up (implying it had been cooked cut side down). The guy had taken my bagel… grrr. I was mad, I found the last plain bagel and cooked it. Leaving the overcooked bagel to be dealt with by someone else.

Now I got back to my seat and started thinking and stereotyping. Why did football players have to be so mean? I know the person was a football player because they were wearing some identifiable t-shirt and the entire football team was there getting breakfast as well. Being and RPI student I concluded he must be smart enough to know the bagel on the bottom would be his, and maybe he saw how poor his cooking came out and just didn’t want it.

Then I decided stereotyping was bad. Why did I immediately start using “football” player instead of the guy? Was it because I have a notion, not preconceived, that football players exhert a specific behavior? I’m not really sure. Ok, I know. Throughout all my schooling some sports players, specifically football, have always been treated different and acted different. Not to dive into the details, I’ve never liked how sports always get more than other non-athletic activities. For example RPI is raising several million to build the East Campus Athletic Village.. who would ever think of expanding the very tight Student Union?

I have mixed feelings on a subject, lets say I died tomorrow.. would people go to my funeral and actually care or would they just file by pretending to be like yea.. umm.. No, I’m not thinking of dying.. but its an interesting conjecture. I think I use that standard to measure success, does something depend on me? Currently not so much… I would hope a few people would go just to make an appearance.. ok, I’m getting bogged down here and I want to head to bed.

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