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Hello Goodfriend

February 8th, 2007 Posted in College, Life

Its been almost a week, by that I mean tomorrow will be one week since my last posting and an update is definately due, where shall we start?

Well my time usage seems to be balancing out…well kinda..I’ve been able to wake up before 7 the past couple of days, definately a good thing. My schoolwork has been done early and submitted, so far no scarlet failures… speaking of scarlet letters, well I can’t remember the example.. yes I can.

If you don’t know I play World of Warcraft, not nearly as agressively as my brother has but occasionally, usually once every few days. I’m very slow at it.. but my subscription was running out and I needed to pickup a gamecard, essentially a gift card for Warcraft. Well I went to the Best Buy in Crossgates, the Albany mall to find it. The had the thing in one of those huge security boxes, the size of a moderate textbook for a box, containing a gift card. I felt like I was carrying around a marking that I played, almost like the Scarlet A worn by Hester.

I also recently posted about Vista, well I can now tell you I’m running Vista Business Edition on my Thinkpad T60, no dual boot, clean install. Its definately different, I’m not a huge fan of it at the moment. The GUI is clean and shiner, but I dunno.. I feel like I’m using a Mac partially.. everything is dumbed down.. great if you don’t know what your doing, awful if you do. Drivers were not an issue, a few upgrade but no major component issues. My main blocking point has been the networking, it wants to do everything on its own. and then tell me it can’t actually do it but it wants to try one of 3 things to see if it can be fixed. I pretty much beat it with a stick everytime I want to connect. Cisco VPN is spotty, 802.1_x PEAP security can’t even find the network.. basic WEP and unsecured works fine. My trick, run windows update constantly.. good luck finding it though, no more website. If anyone is looking for advice or wants to know more about it let me know… I also figured out how to transfer my genuine office serial number around.. nifty..

So that project is almost done, I’ll be making a stop at the helpdesk tomorrow to see if they can install SecureCRT.. whatever that does, and checking out Macromedia Dreamweaver and Office 2007.. Pricey though. Oh yea, its fun to watch the bubble screensaver.

A recent RPI TV discussion triggered my thoughts on CHSBA again, an alliance between college and high school broadcast groups to share content. I really want to do it, but unfortunately I also have the Brispace project cooking.. I should blog more on this later.

Brispace has been stalled due to the Vista project, I will resume development as soon as I get the motivation to reopen Dreamweaver. I have the major part to write, and I’m afraid of it.

Tonight has been different, my roommate is out of town for the weekend so I cranked up my iTunes to play some of the songs that I haven’t heard in a while. (Note, iTunes is like the one thing that won’t run on Vista) I have some very weird music. I would export a list but I know noone would read it. Right now I’m listening to “Four Dead in Ohio” a song I learned of from my AP History teacher Mr. Reese.. Lets see whats next, another great one “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night” so I can look like a retard while driving. Ok, I made that line up. Far too often I skip songs I’m not in the mood for, but at some point I must have been in the mood for the song so tonight, no skip button. I’m pretending like its not there. Why you may ask? I only add songs for a reason, I don’t add entire albums unless I like all the songs, and I think each song carries equal merit, but we aren’t in the correct mood to evalute each songs merit at the same time. Sigh,, some relaxing Lord of the Rings music. Followed by Greenday.. a little hard to swallow but who knows.

I really feel like getting back into the ARG scene, I wish someone would call or email me with stuff to do. I really enjoyed my last project, it was fun.. over 40,000 visitors :-D…. of course no one can actually know what it was or what I did….. blah.. I shouldn’t be writing this should I

I just watched three shuttles crash on the RPI Shuttle Tracking system.

Oh yea, RPI TV should put the server in the Union Closet. I think it is a smart idea, or my web club should start and then buy a rack for other ppl to use.. hrm

Well, J-Minus is on… “After Midnight,”

I’ll be inbed before then

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  2. By Katie on Feb 11, 2007



    ok then

    peace freak

  3. By Katie on Feb 11, 2007


    i still love u

    even tho u need help

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