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Use of Time

February 2nd, 2007 Posted in College, Life, Mistakes

I think time should be used effectively, and it shouldn’t be wasted. I also know that I waste a good chunk of time each day for some reason or another. Over the past few days I’ve been able to dwindle my todo list of 10 down to roughly 3 items, all of which are very difficult to accomplish. But I still don’t feel live I’ve been very effective with my time, sure I got everything done in time but tat doesn’t seem good enough for me. I must be missing something, I just feel it.

I definately picked the right CS lecture to attend, the Pointers and Dynamic Memory one.. eww. And he says Tuesday’s lecture is important as well.. blah.

Where was I.. right.. time.

I know I waste my time watching TV and recorded TV shows, but I feel I need some way to relax. My video gaming is a near minimum and I don’t think I could improve there.

I need to work on focusing in what I need to do, tuning other disctrations out. If I am able to finish my material in adequate time I’m sure that I’ll have more then enough time to be distracted.

I know I bring or have brought all the distractions on myself, which is what frustrates me.. but when it seems the world must stop spinning for a long period of time while I am distracted, I just get etryuiouytryuiopiuytr.

I frequently ask myself why.. not like asking me why.. then I would answer.. i ask myself why others why… it never returns an answer, but its a neat question to think about.

Right now I miss Ms. Boudreau a lot.

I hate it when computer science people say “this is dangerous, we need to be careful”. There is nothing dangerous about a computer.. especially a suduko program. The worst it could do is somehow overheat your computer and melt it or burn it out. So it smokes a little and smells like burnt popcorn? No ones dead.. Now guns and knives.. those are dangerous and warrant the real careful.

I also like to laught at people still using webmail for their email. I feel like pointing and saying Wow.

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