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Vista/Office 2007

January 29th, 2007 Posted in Uncategorized

As you may or may not know, Microsoft Vista and Office 2007 will be released to the public tomorrow, January 30. Being a computer person, I’m interested. I feel the need to be on the cutting edge so I can be best prepared to help anyone, get the job done, support the latest technology.

My current goal is to figure out how to upgrade. There are tons of different versions of both Vista and Office and how am I to choose? Clearly if money wasn’t an object I would get the most expensive version of each. This is not the case. Now if RPI was a member of MSDNAA we could all get copies for free/very very cheap. Of course we aren’t so I have to shell out some money… a lot of money to be exact.

I think I’ll be looking at one copy of vista, probably for my laptop, and two copies of office, for my laptop and my shoebox computer as well. Of course the home computers will also have to be upgraded….

Overall its a lot of money, no matter how you cut it.

I made a diagram to help me figure it out… any ideas anyone?

Vista_Office [PDF]

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