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January 28th, 2007 Posted in Life, Problems

Thats an acronym… while EOY stands for End of Year.. EOW stands for End Of World. While the world may end several ways, there are a lot of ways the world could end, I’m concerned with a few in peticular, where I’m still alive, but the world as we know it is significantly different.

I can think of a few situations but for this blog lets say an EMP attack. An EMP, or electro magnetic pulse, is a weapon that makes most electronic equiptment inoperable. By most equiptment, think of just about anything that plugs in how adays. I think hair dryers and power tools might be the only operable equiptment, but then again the power grid would be out. Why should I care? Well the attack wouldn’t require a significant “explosion” it would be more like a pulse.. you as a person wouldn’t notice.. just presto.. all the electronics turn off.


Thats the exact thing you don’t want to do. Panic is bad, you should prepare before hand. So, my plan is to prepare now; or as soon to now as I can.

Most of the world would be severly devastated or hampered.. all those plugged in electronics not working. Personally I would be like uhhh yea.

What would I throw together? First off, things need to be in a backpack so they’re portable and easy to carry with me. Only one backpack and my pants pockets.


Water, since size and space is an issue water is a commodity. I would probably have 2 water bottles, both slightly salted to prevent freezing. Not enought water to do much, but just enough to last until I can find more.

Food, by that I mean energy bars or something like that. Most likely 5 or something like that.. they will get crushed and mashed up I’m sure.

First Aid, will probably be needed at some point during whatever I’m doing. I’ll need some tape, gauss, pills, alcoholic swabs, tape, gauss. I think I can work with that.

Navigational, hrm… Me and a compass where never best friends. I would like to have my PDA or a GPS device, but I’m not sure if I can risk that with some complicated attack. So I think I’d need a compass, and probably some maps… hrm.. this sounds unlucky already. The thought is that roads will be inoperable or if they are working there will be mass panic.

Warmth, regardless of the temperature one will need to keep warm. Hrm.. I’d wear some warm clothes, and probably pack a turtleneck and socks. I’d wear my winter coat, but be prepared to beak it down as needed. Hat duh!

I think my backpack is getting about full, throw in a picture or two and I’d call it a day.

Well if a nationwide disaster occured while I was at college here in Troy, my first thought would be to get out of here. For all intesive purposes I’m assuming cars are a no go. Maybe I can steal someones bike… I would head to Western Mass, sure… there are some rivers in the way.. but there aren’t any Mississippi Rivers or Oceans.

I would stay off the roads as much as possible, if I was a bad guy thats where I would be.. on the road. My first step would be out of the city, I don’t think it really mattered where.. as long as it was away from the crowds. I would wonder though, I know there are lots of people from Western Mass, would others be trying something similiar? If so should I join the group or travel alone.. maybe a small group?

I have the picture in my mind of the recent Tom Cruise movie War of the Worlds. But it would be more like War of the Worlds With a Backpack.

Not to be a worry wart, but I’m feeling like building a fallout shelter, with walls lined with tin foil…… I think I’ll start digging a hole this summer.

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