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Night 2 & Site Popularity

January 26th, 2007 Posted in Life

Well tonight is night 2 of the Musical at SHHS, respectfully my sadness has been squared, I am feeling very lonely and lazy and blah. I could really go for some Tostitos and Salsa at the moment, I have neither. I know the vending machine sells Tostitos and cheese sause but I question what will be inside the package. Wow its very late. I just looked at my clock and it reads 10:25 (10 mins fast). Why is tonight going by in such wierd intervals? It seems like just a minute ago I was talking with Katie at intermission at 8:30.

I did make some development on Brispace.net today. Aside from the homepage,which now uses css and ajax.. I researched some technology that should let me do what I need to do. Of course its Windows only.. and this is after I’ve just ported my last public server to Linux! Ugh. I think I’ll turn on a box I have in my basement at home and have it do the work.. maybe. My brother is a heavy gamer so I can’t steal too much bandwidth.. maybe I can host it here at RPI. I’ll have to look into a solution, I think I need a fancier router with 2 WAN ports though.

I watched “The Gaurdian” tonight, it was a pretty good movie. I’m in the mood to watch “The Truman Show”.. too bad I didn’t have it.

Well I’m lazy, there are three or four websites that need my work but I’ll keep them deprived for now.

Speaking of deprived websites, one of my websites has gotten popular fast… http://brian.brispace.net/Thermite is now a hit.. January 9 the hits started to climb, its gotten like 1000 hits in the past two weeks. Ahh. No wonder my bandwidth report is up. That sites was created using the awful program “iWeb” for the Mac of course. They use graphics for every single inch, so changing the site is impossible to edit. To bad, I would make some links to my other sites.

Well Brian Michalski on google is the real Brian Michalski, of course the second link talks about me nominating myself, not something I’d like to work to see exactly.. grrr

Time to work ChaCha for lack of anything else to do.

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