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Harlequins: Opening Night

January 25th, 2007 Posted in Uncategorized

Tonight was opening night for the musical at South Hadley High School. My girlfriend, Katie Boudreau is in it. Consequently I’m not to please to be here blogging to you from RPI tonight. I’ll try and make a few updates, but I really want to just be blah.. a bowl of oatmeal.. nothing special… just blah.. like that stuff they eat in the Matrix.

See, I was always interested in being on stage, in some aspect or another. I’m always fascinated while watching a show, after giving the camera crew a once over, I tune to the stage. I’m fascinated watching the feet shuffle under the closed curtain, I enjoy listening to the band get ready, while I try to spot if the director is in the house. As the show progresses I pretend to direct, running simulations in my head, what I would tell the actors/actresses to improve on, what I thought went well, what I thought didn’t.

During my high school career I always wanted to be on stage. I was petrified of auditions or trying out, more specifically the music room in general. I know I can’t sing, or dance, nevermind both at the same time. I always got the impression people would take me trying out to me more of a joke than a real thing, and I’m not very good working with new groups of people. I had the opportunity to be involved in the musical junior year, I loved it. I was incharge of a project and some computer graphics used in 2 scenes during “School House Rock”. Given I did work for maybe 10 mins max, it was all worth it. I sat behind the curtain the rest of the time. I was never thanked for my role. I’m sure a blog exists on it.. I think i was writing blogs at the time.. actually.. i know where the blog is.. let me find it.

Well I was going to incorperate the blog but I decided not to. Instead I’ll try and import them here..

Hrm.. Sidetracked.. yes

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  2. By katie on Jan 26, 2007

    you should have taken a risk.

    i would of enjoyed the oppertunity to work with you. especially in my passion. ive worked with u for like 3 years in ur passion aka studio and filming. but never did u work with me to see what my passion was.

    maybe someday?

    i kinda wanna check out the community theatre or do something in the summertime but i dont know yet.

    who knos.

    i love you and wish u were there openin night. instead youll come the night where we let loose and just fool around.

    but i guess thats better than nothing.

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