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January 23rd, 2007 Posted in College, Life

Another Tuesday is here, I’m sitting in CS 2; officially one week into classes. So far things haven’t been very bad at all. I’ve found that if I take good notes and keep up with Diff Eq homework I can keep on top of that class. CS Homework can be done in one Psych class, and Discrete Math doesn’t look too difficult.

I skipped Diff Eq recitation today, I got all the relavent homework done last night and it was correct, I had a headache and I didn’t want to sit through any more class at the moment. I got back to my room and watched last nights episode of 24 commercial free (thank to my PVR). Rather relaxing I guess?

Actually I’m feeling relaxed do to my clothing. Today I pulled on a mock turtle neck before my button-up shirt. I think thats why I’m feeling relaxed? Speaking of me.. (as if we were going to talk about someone besides me on my blog) my right knee has been acting up recently, recently meaning yesterday. I hope it stops hurting soon, idk whats up with it.

That was wierd, the kid infront of me just starting feeling the upper righthand corner of my laptop screen. He’s been sleeping the entire class and I believe he just bumped into it. Luckily I was so focused on my blog that we didn’t make eye contact. Whew.

Soon I should be sneaking out of CS, as long as professor Stewart doesn’t scare me too much. I’m going to be calling Ms. Katie because I missed the lunch call today.

There was an interesting idea I was going to discuss but I forgot. Grr, maybe it will dawn upon me later.

Speaking of later, earlier today I upgraded my blog version. You shouldn’t notice anything too different going on, neither have I…

I look forward to the day CS is actually class, not a permanent review. I forgot my DSA book today so I don’t have any reading material. I’m hoping to stay ahead of the curve and beat DSA, I also need some graph theory for a few projects I’m working on. Therefore I bought the DSA classes book. So far nothing too new, but I’m only on Chapter 2.

Hark… I heareth a ringing cell phone…

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