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January 21st, 2007 Posted in Life

Well its another Sunday night, time to write a blog. Lots of cover, my mind will get sidetracked as it always does.

At the moment I’m drinking some tea I made, my throat isn’t feeling 100% for some reason.. I think sore throat coming on. Maybe some tea will help beat it off. It sure it cold enough out here… brr. Unfortunately I’m drinking this cup so fast I’m not sure if it will last the entire blog. If the teabag wasn’t in the trash I might consider making another cup.

Some interesting happens I should update everyone on. The idea that I propose will make me famous (see http://www.brispace.net for more) is still on the crock pot. I say crock pot because its cooking very slowly, most likely will not be done anytime soon, and will be difficult to chew on. In preparation I might be making a few changes to the blog here, as well as any other mysql driven site I maintain. I’m looking into a distributed database model, not because I have the need to distribute data, but because I need some way of testing the concept, and if I use every website I run I might just get a few hits. The trick of course will be in tricking the paid host into working. Hrm.

Back to the basics, I explained the idea in as much non-technical detail as I could to Katie. It wasn’t just an idea I explained, it was the entire life plan effected by the idea. I’m stuck on the foundation of the idea, there are several potential starting places to code. Unfortunately they are all very different. If I had a team of coders I would task each starting point to each coder or small team, then they would all meet in the middle, in the part I call the “integrator”. Well since the team of coders I have is my left and my right hand I think we’ll all have to work on the same entrance.

I’ve also figured out how I would debut the thing, of course it requires a music deal or two but if I get some backing from a large company I see no problem with it being possible. I’ve figured the operation would be run out of 4 places, in this order. New York, London, Boston, California. Each location has its own logistical nightmares, but New York is the best. Thats were the things I need are happening.. well not happening, but thats where everyone comes together.

I’m excited about it. I want to make it happen, but what I want and what happens are two different things. Unfortunately CS2 will help me 0 with it… a good course in web programming or more linux would be helpful. I guess I’ll stick to prof. Google for this one.

Umm yea.. I lost track again.. My tea is done… time to go do something else…

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