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January 9th, 2007 Posted in Uncategorized

I’m watching Rachel Ray right now, its quite an interesting episode. I actually think its very cruel what they are doing. Rachel brought a 38-year old woman to the show who had been dating two guys off and on for a while. Rachel’s wonderful idea was to have each of the guys cook, the winner would take their relationship further with the girl.

All that aside, I was extremely extremely frustrated this morning right before and during my shower. I found myself incrediably frustrated at my hair, I’ve allowed it to grow beyond the point where I can control it. I’m OK with long hair on the top of my head, but I like the back of my hair to be as clean as it can. I can’t see what its like back there, so I rely on the hair’s self-positioning system to auto-groom itself. I know I look very bad with a short haircut, so I’ve been trying to put it off with Cotillion coming up on Saturday. I’m still wondering what to do with the back of my head. Maybe I should go in and ask them to clean up the back of my head only… then again its the barbar shop.. they tend to not follow directions very well.

I think it would be cool if all decisions could be effectively made for me. I tend to make the wrong decisions, not effectively evaluating all the possibilities and forgetting one factor or another. Rash decisions are bad, there should be a default wait period of at least 5 minutes from ask to answer, giving me time to think about it and make sure I’m not missing anything

Followthrough needed

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