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Acusation v. Defense

December 21st, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

I recieved a rather nasty email citing the “accusatory tone” of a message that I “wrote”.

First, I did not write the message… thats one of the main issues, but on a different level is the way the email was word. The conclusion was quickly jumped to that I was the culprit, because somehow I had magically gained nice handwriting. While the message wasn’t the most pleasent one, it did not, in my mind, cross any lines… nor was it unjust. A connection was made where the actions of the email sender negatively impacted others.

The email sender believes that the actions they committed had no effect on the negative impact. While there’s no log or direct support that proves it, I’m fairly confident that there is a link because of the qualifications of the email sender, and something I thought I saw yesterday. I could be mistaken, but if that person was not directly responsibly.. their supervisory role still places them as supervising whoever made the error.

As I see it, the blame game should not be played. If the blame was inappropriately placed, I would take it and say I don’t think I did that, I’m glad to here it was resolved. Is there anything I can do the help? Thats the only way I can find to move on and progress. If everyone spends their time passing the blame from x to y to z …. then more negative energy will be consumed just to move the blame around. Sure, you have to stand up for yourself and say “hey, that wasn’t me” but you don’t have to create a mirror there to deflect it elsewhere, just absorb it and let it dissapate.

At least thats what I try to do…

O’ another adventure awaits….

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  2. By Katie on Dec 23, 2006

    i feel like this whole blog was pointed at me and makin me seem very bad. arg. boo hoo.

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