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December 20th, 2006 Posted in Mistakes

I just got back from the orthodontist for a retainer check.. long story short.. bit fork isn’t good for teeth. Today however, I discovered the secret they use to keep you coming back. Sure, my teeth aren’t perfect.. but I’m satisfied with them. Let me explain what happens

You sit down in the chair and begin getting looked at, then the orthodonist instructs you to insert your retainer, so you do. Then he looks again and starts posing different ideas and treatments, of course while your retainer is in. In my case I was told to bite down on a tongue depressor as hard as possible… all while he was explaining what he would do. How could I speak up whilst biting on this tongue depressor? Or even wearing a retainer? See the problem… those sneaky orthodonists…

In other news I am very bad at doing some stuff, and it seems my shear presence carries a negative effect. However leaving would also generate a negative effect… Its a loose loose and I can’t find the less loose scenario.

I dislike being lost. Quite frequently I don’t understand things and would like help, of course the only people who are able to help choose not to. So I’m like hrm.. what do I do? I usually end up trying to understand which always turns out bad because i understand incorrectly.

I have needs too, given those needs are very different from just about everyone else.. they do exist. I try my hardest to put them aside (as part of my zero-sum life) but sometimes I loose sight of the potential positive influx to balance out negative. I’m just very lost

Sometimes I wish I was just hiding in a corner, and if people wanted to talk to me they know where to find me. I wouldn’t get in the way, I wouldn’t do anything that would mess someone up, there would be no doubt of where to find me, no debate over who I would help.


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  2. By Katie on Dec 20, 2006

    sry its just these two weeks have been terrible for me.

    and i just needed you to be there, and such. and sry if i was overly upset its just built up and i dislike ppl telling me im the problem for everything and that im this and that.

    i hate it.

    im sry.

    sometimes i just want u to hold me.

    ill leave u be tho.

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