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December 14th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Well finals are done for me, I finished my CS exam in Malik’s office this morning. I look forward to seeing how I did on that one. CS I actually care about, the others don’t matter as much to me.

That means I’ll be heading back to South Hadley tonight, starting a month long break. Of couse I can’t take a break for a month, I have enough trouble taking a break for a day, sometimes an hour or two kills me.

Workwise there are a few things I’ll be looking at over break. My primary plan was to work for SHHS, but apparently its cool to threaten to blow up the school. No, this is not a threat. I emailed my boss and he said he’d see if he could find money but he wasn’t to optimistic. I think this is becase of the half dozen evacuations that happen, all that costs money. Money that they didn’t have in the first place. So thanks guys, if your computer is still broken you can blame the bomb threats on that.

Well, what else will I do? I’ve got a couple of plans on the burner. I know I’ve got to work on the Message Board program for SHHS, but coding all day can get boring at times, especially when I’m not very competatnt with VB.net. I’ve got another idea that I haven’t pitched yet, again to the High School, but the idea is a club management system to allow clubs to have their own mini-webpage on the High School site. The code to do this isn’t hard at all, but of course it would have to be cleared through the appropriate channels and all.

CHSBA will mostly get a swift kick in the rear to get it off the group. I need to play around with my compression software, as well as a private Bit Torrent tracker.

What else will I probably do? Well I know I’ll have a Christmas, New Years, and Cotillion, all of which are pretty exciting!

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