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December 9th, 2006 Posted in Life, Mistakes, Problems

Let me start with a disclaimer. I have no will to write this blog, my brain isn’t functioning, its frozen like Windows ME and needs someone to push the reset button. Unfortunately that button is only pushable by one person. And that person isn’t me.

I have to push myself to write, because if I don’t I’ll start collecting dust. No one wants something dusty.

I reserved this weekend for studying and preparing for finals. I know that Calc and IEA in the same day will be tricky, but if I prepare early I think I can beat it. I need to get a very good grade in calc to have an A in the class, IEA i need to get higher than an 86 to get an A. Both are doable, I’ve beaten a math final before, but can I do it again? I pretty much need to teach myself the entire course, as I said earlier I lived test to test.. the wrong way to live.

This weekend stinks, my pre-planning skills are disasterous. I think thats why “live” news floats my boat. Well, I was trying to handle a few situations and clearly my soluation wasn’t correct. I’ll explain what I was dealing with.

  1. Friday Night – Holiday Stroll. I’ve always wanted to go
  2. Saturday – Katie needs to go dress shopping because I screwed up Prom
  3. Sunday – 1 year 1 month anniversary

So, logically it would have worked fine if the weekend could have gone Friday > Sunday > Saturday. Or course I don’t have that much time bending power. The only conclusion was to do nothing, or not come to an effective conclusion. As a result I’m slouching in my chair thinking rather depressing thoughts.

To add a further complication, I remembered this morning that someone was going to be visiting RPI for a tour and wanted to me to talk to them and stuff. Well I was running late, very tired from everything in the past week, and slept until 10:30. I went to try and explain the situation to Katie but she was away, so i left a message. I knew she would want to know where I was because I’m her boyfriend and I can’t just be disappeared for a while.

Oh yea, last night i was feeling ill and decided I should be safe and prepare an “if i die” document. I’ve had the idea for this website, where an email would be sent to someone if you didn’t check in with this service in X days. Until I develop such a system, I’ve place an email in my gmail that tells what should happen if I’m dead. No, it doesn’t contain DNR orders, or what to do with my organs, but it has a few thoughts so people get it right. To find it, search for “ICE” in gmail. Please, don’t read it unless the situation is such. I trust that the few with my password won’t.

I’m feeling happier, Katie is online now.

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