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Heart Attack Heart Attack

December 8th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Today I turned in my CAD final. Thas was probably the worst computer assignment I’ve ever had, even worse then Malik. The assignment itself wasn’t tricky, but the program.. UGS NX 4 is terrible. It likes to crash and tell me about tiny pieces it found as if I care. I would have been done around midnight but of course copy and paste isn’t true copy and paste. You can only paste to things it approves of.. so I had to redo the entire thing pretty much. blah to that.

In other news I have another world changing idea, or nationwide at least. I’ll do some development over break and hope to push it through and make headway.

I have finals next week, so this weekend is study time. Specifically calc, where I lived studying test to test and not really remembering anything inbetween. I also decided that no matter how “unlucky” you think you are, there is always someone in the world unluckier. Its hard to do, but you can always remember someone is worse off than you are, and your lucky to be who you are.

Right.. the title.. I always get so side tracked in my blogs, but I guess my life is just a constant sidetrack of something else. Last night I felt like I was having another heart attack. It was probably stress induced with the cad, but they are uncool. No, I didn;’t die or require medical attention, sleep solves them. Its related to my fainting at a young age that caused my heart to get out of wack. It still beats uneven, so I’ve concluded I’m not done “growing out of it yet.” For all I know I could die tomorrow and the Doctors didn’t want to tell me. I doubt it tho. But I decided I should write a will, so things don’t get confused as to who specifically can spend the money.

I dislike it when people take drastic steps to take control of a situation, especially when the situation should be resolved differently. I don’t think a Job Description should be changed to force that person to be the advisor of a group because there is conflict in the group. Grr

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