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December 6th, 2006 Posted in College

Today I wokeup and there was snow on the ground, less than an inch but snow none the less. It got me very much in the holiday spirit. I’ve already tried to change my blog to holiday mode, but I had some issues with the new theme. I’ll keep working on it.. personally I’m rather tired of the red.

I just returned from the RPI TV meeting, ok, by just I mean 30 mins. But I was elected News Manager, by a pretty decent vote I guess. I had to nominate myself, something I completely hate, after “Andy’s mom” and “Charlie’s mom” were both nominated. I find self-nominations very embarassing because if you have to nominate yourself, it means no one else in the club see’s you as the person to do the job, or they are mute. In this clase no one saw me as the person to do the job I’m pretty sure. I just feel wierd, people were like oh, who? that kid. sure. I guess I should have been lucky that I was elected.

I clearly saw that others that are also Freshmen are clearly on a different playing field, or have an advantage over me. There is a specific example or two where freshmen were nomitated for “higher” positions when they hadn’t previously expressed interest that I was aware of. I think there’s a correlation between being a part of the RPI TV activity during NRB and gaining officer status. I checked that box off as my number one choice but was turned down and defered to another activity.

I know I failed to think outside the box and express interest in another position. I guess my hopes were too dashed from the previous elections meeting.

People probably don’t know me because I don’t do things on weekends, nor would I enjoy to do so. I keep my weekends as free as possible to do other things and hangout with however few friends I can gather up. I should be thankful that I at least have someone who’ll hangout with me or else I’d be nowhere. It frustrates me why people can’t do things during the week. I know that schedules are not that busy where people can’t work on something in the evening or afternoon or.. god-forbid, morning.

I know I’m not satisfied with where I stand because I have a strong desire to do stuff. Anything, preferably something difficult.. but I’ll start with anything. As News Manger, I’m suppose to coordinate news productions. Thats very generic and unspecific if you ask me. Fundamentally I think there is a problem with the idea. College students don’t get much news, and the news they do get is likely to come from the internet. Also, RPI TV’s channel 6 in unappealing. The message board is there, but the content isn’t. For a news show to happen there needs to be interest, interest will come when people watch, people will watch when there is something there. To break the cycle you need an on-air talent who cares, an anchor that will give of themself knowing that no one will see their work. Unfortunately in college all the anchors have gone to anchor school.

Where does that leave me?

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  2. By Katie on Dec 6, 2006

    i will not hang out with you on weekends anymore. nor expect it.


    u may be on ur own, with ur crappy aquaitances, trying to beat everyone and be mr. perfect.

    someone can never be satisfied.

    goodbye again.

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