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Tis a Sunday

December 3rd, 2006 Posted in College, Life

Sigh… it was a very interesting weekend, it seemed to fly by faster than usual… maybe connected to classes winding down.

I’ve officially declared it cold here in Troy. I’m wearing a hoodie, a garment I’m not a fan of wearing, but it was the best way to stay warm. The rumour is snow on Monday, and continue into forever. Who knows though. All I know is classes are just about done :-)

I’ve finished my last CS project and when I reflect on what I’ve learned I can say its very little actual knowledge. Sure, I learned how to make a class and pass variables by reference, but I haven’t changed how I code, haven’t been taught any revolutionary way to approach a problem, just syntax stuff. Of course this isn’t very helpful when I spend most of my time using different languauges where its more helpful to understand approaches than syntax.

On a better note I finally made the deployment CD for the message board system. Its up and running in my virtual machine, if I could only emulate the exact hardware needed.

Dear World: Please use IPv6, or at least install it on your machine. I don’t see why it can’t be used internally here at RPI, with some extensive crossover-bridges… if earthlink can do it, I would imagine the VCC can figure it out.

Back to this weekend, it was wierd. Katie was here visiting which is great, and we got to watch my most favorite movie ever.. Bedknobs and Broomsticks. If you haven’t seen it, your missing out on some great Disney 1971 magic, and Angela Lansbury action.

It was just wierd, saying goodbye was extra hard, maybe because the weather was very dreary out, or the weekend blew by, or we both were going to have stressful weeks? I do not know. I know I am excited to be home in under two weeks, thats always very pleasent. Still no response on potential part time employment, but I hear my boss is very busy, very understandable.

Well, I’m feeling rather blah and gray at the moment. Maybe I’ll go eat some dinner and then work on homework before my fate is decided.

Will it snow?

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