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Another Tuesday

November 28th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Alas another Tuesday is almost done, a boring one at that. Little laundry to do since I was just home, I spent my day doing a few miscellanious things. I emailed Mr. Collins, hoping he could use a hand over Christmas break; that job is very pleasent and I enjoy it a lot. I get to work at my own pace, on larger projects, generally learning or developing the detailed aspects as I do it. I enjoy what I learn there.

RPI TV got a nifty DVD burner today, too bad I didn’t have one of those I could use to record tv on. My shoebox does a decent job, but unfortunately the cheap $30 tuner I bought only works with one program. Grr. I would consider buying another one or getting it for christmas, but my parents wouldn’t figure it out.

I watched the trailer for the next Harry Potter movie opening July 13. I’m very excited for it, certain trailers catch my eye very effectively.. especially mysterious ones with a stready but focuses low bass beat in the background. Very nice job Warner Brothers. Too bad I wasn’t a Warner Brother.

I need to get working on some projects, CS and TT stuff. And then an RPI TV meeting.. oh joy.

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