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November 28th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Ok, I noticed the real problem. My email inbox.. its empty! Ahhh. For me this is a problem, my inbox is where I keep anything I have to reply to or address. It usually have 5-25 emails that I need to get to. Call it poor email management or whatever, but since I’ve have gmail its been this way. I just finished my last email, debugging some PHP code for the UK webhost I consult for. I was putting this off for a while because I saw it coming, one email left. Now what? I have no clue. I need to find more emails or something. Unfortunately I still have projects to work on, but without them in my email I just lack the direct and constant reminder to do them. No, I can’t email myself… I know those emails are bogus and don’t deserve my real attention. Hopefully someone will send me something soon or I might just explode out of lack of direct projects to work on. No, I don’t consider Malik’s emails worthy of my inbox.

Oh what to do…

I’m either going to go make my own google.. ish… or make a timeline. The timeline seems easier but I really want to work on the google ish project, unfortunately I’m not familiar with any algorithms to determine relavant phrase from relavant string. Harry Potter is only helpful when used as a phrase, Harry and Potter are not individually important, but something like Dell is. Hrm Hrm Hrm. Of course I can’t ask my CS professor for help, he doesn’t believe in helping. Just tricking us.

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