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Final Push

November 27th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Its officially the final push of the semester here at RPI, I decided so because mr. calculus (Schmidt) took a portion of the class to outline the last two weeks and another class did evaluations. With two weeks of classes left to go I’ve decided its time to rededicate myself to completing those projects I told myself I would finish for Christmas Break, such as mass producing the Tiger Times Story, and some message board stuffs.

I’ve created a todo in my book, which is also serving as a christmas list. Its an everything list really. I’m working on things I want for christmas, I have to keep my list both realistic and functional. I know my parents will not be able to buy me a harddrive unless i give them the most detailed describtion possible, but I also like to be surprised. What will I get? I have no clue. But I do know what my brother is getting, probably because I did the buying…. maybe he could return the favor?

I dislike when I have troubles waking up, I know I’ve blogged this before but it really frustrates me. I need to work on my Morning Motivation or something. My normal morning goes something like this:

  • 6:10 – Alarm Clock
  • 6:15 – Cell Phone Alarm
  • 6:40 – Cell Phone Alarm 2

Well, usually after the 6:40 alarm clock I fell asleep. That was ok though because I set the alarm to go off at 7:33. Unfortunately I wokeup to find my roommate in the shower. Lacking the motivation to sit in front of the screen and wait I felt I could just roll over and relax.. Well relax turning into sleep. I wokeup again at 9:00… grr. I like to get an early start to my day because I like to. The internet is faster when noone is using it, and I can work peacefully and quietly while nothing is going on.

The problem is I dislike being awake and not being able to make myself feel cleanish. Like changing clothes, or shaving or something. So i would rather stay asleep until I can do so.

Ok, I’m tired of writing. I wrote 12 pages in the past 2 days.. gimme a break. BTW expect a blog on girls in the media soon. Grr…

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