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Happy Thanksgiving

November 20th, 2006 Posted in Life

Well it will be a very short week here at RPI, I’ll be home soon which will be a very pleasent change. Its starting to get very boring very quickly up here, as in sitting here for the past 5.5 hours has already exhausted my todo list. So.. I think… and do little things… mostly just thinking.

I finally got around to opening the Tiger Times Story again. That 1.5 hour beast is the result a spring of work. I spent a good amount of time relinking media that had been “moved” on the external drive. My 250gb is almost full so I’ll get more for Christmas. I’d like a terrabyte, just because it sounds cool.. and deleting is overrated. If google can keep all my emails, why can’t I keep all my files? Unfortunately I’m not sure if there is an effective way to link 4-5 external firewire/usb drives together to simulate one. I’m looking into a RAID approach… but back on track. After I relinked everything I decided to start exporting. I want the ending of the video to be online, probably hosted in flv format by myself on one of the machines I have access to. The music…. well I didn’t write it… so I can’t publically distribute it.. not like that would usually stop me. But I must say its probably the most powerful 5 minutes of video I’ve made. I’ll make sure to provide a link. Of course it really only makes sense if you’ve been there in the Tiger Times.

I’d also like to put all 1.5 hours online but who will host it… I know google will but they take several years to upload. I export uncompressed because me and MPEG’s aren’t friends yet. Maybe I’ll try again soo.

So Premiere is exporting the ending.. it has to reconform everything so the audio normalization is right.. i think… I’ll be waiting a while.

One of my projects I’ve been working on since I got here is just about finished. It should be debuted later this week and I hope I’ve gotten all the bugs worked out.

I’m looking into MediaWiki but it dislikes PHP 4. My other software I use for Document Management requires PHP 4 so I’m stuck.. I might look into rewriting the apache configuration file but I just don’t feel like doing too much work.

Like CS… Malik gives us problems that aren’t too hard but just take time.. I get bored after the first 6.

My webcam is misbehaving, I told it to fix itself all weekend but it fell over or something.. I now have bars thumbtaked up.. I hope it can repair its colors this time.

I just completely lost my train of thought. I’ll be in the media studio on Wednesday and maybe Tuesday so yea.. I’m not sure what I should be thinking.. scared of breaking down? I might go british and confuse the freshmen who clearly don’t know who I am. I’m excited if I do that and the upperclassmen play along.

If I had a couple hundred dollars… I would buy and xbox 360 and play halo…. I would buy some basic stamps/breadboard and servo motors and give Furby the ability to go places. I got a few “gifts” from my eagle ceremony. I’ll post the speech after I post this… thank you for the gifts by the way. Thank you cards are coming. But I know I should saveup the gifts to spend on “weekend expenses” and christmas presents.

Lol.. Premiere is making my External drive go so fast the clicks are now a constant buzz… lol.

Hopefully I’ll be talking will some people back at SHHS and lining up work for X-Mas break at the school (or at my dads office if the school won’t take me) and seeking a few machines. Tiger Times will need one and another group would be benefited by a cluster.

I will practice getting up early this week, the only disadvantage is there is no food when I’d like some at 6:15. I would like to wakup at 5:45, shower, get dressed, etc, and eat at 6:15.. of course my entire plan must base itself around the fact food doesn’t open until 7:30. Ugh a 1.25 hour offset.

40 mins of laser tag was sweet.

Premiere is slow.

Sometimes I have some wierd thoughts, I will work on blogging them.

I’m bored now.

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