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Easy Tuesday

October 24th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Tuesdays are by far my easiest day here at RPI. One class in the morning, and then RPI TV stuff in the afternoon/evening. The class is a breeze, for some reason my TA hates silence so she starts to freak out if we don’t say anything to her. Of course in my confusion this morning I forgot my keys… since I couldn’t get in (Sully and the RA and RD were out) I decided to head to the library where I would do some scanning.. I spent an hour in there and it got working.

After making it back into my room I have come to the conclusion it is winter here. Fall was very short.. the weather is now rather cold here and windy. It feels like snow. Being from MA the cold isn’t what bothers me.. its the speed at which it came that does. I never go to fully get into my fall clothes and now I have to go into winter.. I always like the season where you can wear just a long sleeve shirt.. no need for a turtle neck or sweater or vest. But I can’t change the weather.

Anyone who reads this involved with Project Six Flags should bundle up.

The Tiger Times portal is progressing… slowly… I’m going to chat with someone who actually knows what they’re doing which is good. Maybe I can learn a few things here at RPI.. and by things I’m talking about useful things… not how to calculate a truss or address infinite series.

On the servers note… NSB1 is dead at the moment, there is a plan to revive it.. but its a little bit of a time away. In the mean time I plan to force it into functioning… once NSB1 is remote desktopable.

For another secret project I’m trying to find a Rackmounted 1U server to be donated. I might try hitting up some vendors like Dell and HP… but then I might try to attack websites like tigerdirect, newegg, or idk where. Acquring hardware has never been my specialty, but I’ve got a mission and a due date.

Umm yea… this weekend I went to Six Flags and made it through the park alive.. it doesn’t seem as scarry this year, I dunno why.

Well, I should go back to work on something… talk to y’all later!

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