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October 18th, 2006 Posted in Life

Its fitting to provide an update, its been a little while so I decided to share with you whats going on.

Family Weekend went, I wish they had a Family/Friends weekend so my beautiful girlfriend could have arrived, but I guess RPI just doesn’t know what they should do to really make people come. I saw a magician, Mike Super. He was pretty good, I’ve always wanted to be a magician. When I was a young child I was fascinated by magic, I had a staff and could talk to Merlin. We were tight back in the day doing our magic stuff.

I really with I could do a cool magic trick, but I’ve never learned how to do any cool ones. I can stop my pulse in my arm to play dead.. if thats a good one?

In other news, I’m in a writing mood. Please submit articles you’d like me to write.. the topic is “How to…” and you finish the rest. I write for wiki.ehow.com and one of my articles has been nominated for inclusion in the one for all laptop project. That would be neat, to have your article available to tons of kids to read and have fun with. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.. and makes me want to write more.

There are some other things going on for me that I can post updates about.

CS grades are very slow to be posted, this angers me

IEA test went bad, I didn’t remember physics until I had a half hour left.

The Tiger Times portal is getting close to done. I’m debating the best way to setup the “positions” table. People have the ability to have an unknown number of positions for any given period of time. In past I would send it in as comma-delimated but I feel there must be another way. Hrm… I might go with csv style if nothing comes to mind or is shared with me.

I’ve also been working on co-ordinating a shoot at Six Flags New England for Tiger Times. The park is onboard and seems enthused about the plan, the members are on board and ready to go… there is no advisor yet so blah.. the tricky part is getting the equiptment onboard. I know exactly what I want, creating 2 issues. I can’t be there to pick it out. There is no way I know of that would get me to Mass before 3:30 on Friday the 27th. The second is the manager. While the message board conflicts are over for now, I’m not sure what terms I am on with him. Will he be coooperative like he has in the past or will be official and hold me strictly to the rules. I’m not sure. I’m asking for the equipment that generally doesn’t leave the studio because, well.. its hard to mount a teleprompter on a small camera… its just that simple. Who knows what I will get? Not me! I think.. no, know.. it will be a last minute editing session or something. I’m worried…

Umm, I might try to go to bed. Class at 11am tomorrow, but I need to work on my email to the manager and equipment lists and all. I just hope it works out. I would feel bad if I failed the TT or something, because yea.. I know the only reason is because I’m so far away. So we shall see won’t we.


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