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One Tearful Act

October 12th, 2006 Posted in College, Life, Problems

Today at South Hadley High School the Harlequins are performing two one act plays per tradition. Actually there are usually 3, but I guess some people aren’t motivated enough to pull it off.

As I write this my girlfriend is on stage, or in the wing. Somewhere close the the stage. She is wearing her cotillion dress from when I took her to cotillion. The only time I went actually, in my senior year. She is wearing makeup, white high heeled shoes, and carrying a purse with some makeup in it.

I am sitting in my chair, staring at the LCD hooked up to my Microform Computer typing on my keyboard.

Do you see what’s wrong with this picture? If you can’t you should be slapped by a digital hand, or shocked.. even better… lol, theres an inside joke there. But I’m in the wrong place tonight. I’m lost, unable to find my way to where I should be. And by the time I figure out where I am suppose to be, it will be too late.

This is very poor timing. I know I could have theoretically taken a train to get home, but the problem is that a. Katie has school tomorrow and b. my parents are coming here tomorrow. If it wasn’t parents weekend I could have gone home and slept in the woods behind my house for the night. That wouldn’t have been an issue, just have my brother throw a sleeping back outside or something and then I could spend the weekend with Katie, but I have parents arriving appx 6:30 tomorrow so I would have needed to speed back here.

I designed my Fridays to be usless, CAD and Basic Skills in Calc.

I’m also wondering when the CS guy plans on teaching me something. I’ve found the course very old. 4 years of CS and Windows Networking has taught me how to beat most things, as well as the scripting it took to write BriSpace.. a myspace clone that lasted about 6 months before people got bored of having unlimited pictures and no html restrictions.

Thats avoiding the topic, I can rely on computers as an “out” when I have something I’m frustrated with. I just really would have liked to be home. Why? I feel I’m letting Katie down, actually.. I know I am. I made a point to attend her musical all 3 times and the one acts last year just to watch her. (Ok, I filmed too.. but that just to get in for free). I don’t want to be the boyfriend who doesn’t support my love, but when its logistically impossible I get mad. I couldn’t focus in class today, sending text messages like no tomorrow hoping for a reply. I was lucky enough to catch her online when I left one class early to skype with her.

Grr, I just feel out of place. I know most people would it is because I’m a freshmen and it happens to everyone, but I like to think I’m slightly different from everyone else. I just hate being far away, and being unable to get back quickly. If I had a car, I would have no complaints. If RPI was located in Western Mass, I would have no complaints. But no, RPI has to be located close to 2 hours from Western Mass, and I don’t have a car/allowed to have one atm. I’m really not in the mood to wait until next year for things to start going the way I want to. Well, I’m going to go sulk some more… and send some more txt messages.

I’ll be online forever, like always, woot woot… please sense sarcasm

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  2. By Katie on Oct 13, 2006

    i hate your wierd schedule

    its mean and unkt friendly

    i hate not seeing you film

    i hate not having u there in the audience

    i wish life was easier

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