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Gender Stereotypes

October 3rd, 2006 Posted in Stupid People

I dislike it when I am placed into categories. I dislike it more when those categories are based on things I can’t control, and I hate it even more when those categories are built and defined on others actions.

Recently, there have been a string of bomb threats at South Hadley High School. During my four year career at the school there was exactly one, which took place in the end of my senior year (during my AP test which had to be canceled of course). Now I look and I see 3 bom threats within the past few months? Whats going on here? Has the school fallen into disarray and disorder? Well I don’t know what’s causing all this.. actually I have a few ideas but those are more worthy of a report then a blog..

But the consequences of such events are what frustrate me and lead to this blog here. Pretty much the policy is that all guys now have to sign into the bathrooms, and there are a limited number of bathrooms open for both genders. I dislike the though of people signing into the bathroom, especially if its not equal. Basing the fact that the past 3 threats have been commited in “boy” only areas such as the boys bathroom or boys locker room, does not give ryhme or reason to punish all boys. I never wrote anything on a bathroom wall during my High School career, on a few instances I actually erased some pencil.

See, just because we’re a boy we do not write on the walls or make bomb threats, and saying because one is a girl you will not do such a thing is just crazy. I know there are girls out there that will say punish the boys, but I get rather frustrated being associated with such morons at time. Its not all of us that do this, so why punish half of us?

OMG i think i see a snowflake…. musta been dust or something…

But my solution, gather up a few thousand dollars and install barcode readers on doors to control access.. that means guys and girls scan their school ID to get in to the rest rooms, if they used RFID they could even track when one left. Attendance could be as easy as walking through the door to get into school… of course they won’t do this though. I’m sure it costs more that however much they have to pay to evacuate the school and get the bomb squad and busses here.

So is life…

But if the school would like to hire me I’d be happy to put such a system into place at the lowest cost possible.

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  2. By Katie on Oct 3, 2006

    the males deserve it

    for they r immature and wont learn

    deal with it suckerrrrrrr

    and grow up silly ur in college

    things r not fair

    girls always got the lil ends now u can see how unequal things r

    but this time they deserve it (and ur not goin there so pfft)

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