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Tick Tock I can’t work the clock

September 13th, 2006 Posted in Mistakes

Every morning I wakeup around 6:15 to engage in some text messaging and greetings. On Wednesdays, I tend to doze back to sleep sometime during that period. Today, I did just that. I don’t remember falling asleep but I wokeup and said uh oh… its 7:11, you missed 6:50 (important txting time) so i quickly shot off another text. Looking at my phone, it said 6:18.. Now I was confused!

I fell back this time looking at the clock and seeing 8:00am. I panic, I have a class in one hour. AHH.. well I shower, get some breakfast, come back here, check my computer screen and BAM.. there it is, class at 11am. Darn! I messed that up.

So what will I do? Maybe take a much needed nap. I was up until 1AM reading about Ishmael the monkey. Other than that… i dunno. This messes up my agenda a lot. I planned homework from 10-12 but now I have class in there… well, time to take a nap. Better luck next time to me!

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