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September 5th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Well today I got back to RPI after a nice long weekend with Katie. She drove up here Friday to come save me, and her parents wer very gracious allowing me to stay at their house. My parents aren’t fans of me coming home often, they think that distance is a good thing but they insist on emailing me every 30 seconds. I dunno why they don’t like me to come home, its not like I hit them up for money or anything….

But spending the weekend with Katie was pretty darn awsome. It had been 10 days since we had seen each other and that was 9 days 12 hours too much for me, we hung out, saw “The Illusionist” and visit a couple of people who are also in the process of getting ready for their own college experience.

Here at the dorms its Rush month, so daily we have frats knocking on our door… personally I don’t answer, I just stare at them through the upper peep hole until they leave. I hope they don’t see me.. I dunno, I’ve never tried it.

Tonight starts House at 8pm… I’m watching it! Also tonight at 9:30 is the official meeting for RPI TV, I think I’m going to check it out to see what its all about. I know they don’t have a studio so it should be interesting..Well, I’m back. It was interesting, they’re looking to start a regular TV news show, I smell another startup TT style. Maybe I make a job outta this kinda stuff? Who knows!

I still have a total of 0 friends. Today I deemed was “mob” day, when people walk around in large mobs of people upwards of 6-7. This was noticed at meals when there were extra seats crowded around tables and I noticed when I saw people walking to class. Those of us loners are becoming less in numbers. Do I care? Not really, it would be nice to have somewhere to sit.

Once again I am fascinated by peoples seating choices in class. The only empty seat in my 30 student calc class was next to me. I have a pet peeve of people who sit on the isles in large lectures. Could you not do that? Save the isle seats for straglers or people who showup late so they don’t have to disturb everyone in the isle.

Right now I crave something, I think its a smell.. I can’t tell what it is. I hear sirens too, or wierd music. Yea, wierd music.

Again I dislike college and its setup. I feel like complaining to someone about the system, but who would listen? Who can you share a crazy idea of changing how college and high school work with besides the internet? No clue. If anyone knows please tell me. I’d write a book about if it someone would read it. I am going to send letters to teachers at SHHS thanking them for everything over the past 4 years. They’re not going to be generic thank you notes or anything like that, letters, with lots of words and content.. pretty juicy sounding actually. The question is who should I do first.

On another note, I’m workin on a project that I like alot.. generally because it has a physical aspect. I can’t say what is it, but I may be soliciting non-returnable or refundable donations from Tiger Times members. I’ll probably pay the money out of pocket, a hundred isn’t too bad to add to that pool.

Speaking of money, I want to get a digital job. Do they exist? Where can I push digi-papers on my schedule to make a few extra dollars. I generally have at least 3 hours every morning I can do anything.. I’d settle for minimum wage. My only requirement: I can do it from my dorm room. Any offers? There was once a Beatles song with the line “Money can’t buy me love”.. which is completely true, but money can certainly help extend and facilitate love. I know what I’m thinking.. You probably don’t!

Well.. yea.. blah.. i feel not well…

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