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Day 2 Down

August 29th, 2006 Posted in College

Today I finished my second day of classes. Today really doesn’t count tho, I only have 1 class (Calc II).. Monday I had 4 classes.. 11-6, busy day. So far its been wierd, in most of my classes where they’re were empty seats people didn’t sit next to me.. in one class.. that had an empty seat on either side of me, students opted to move chairs and take the teachers chair.. leaving the only two seat in the class next to me… I think I smell fine, I’m shower daily, etc etc.. maybe I just scare them away.. that must be it… i’m too scary for them.. lol.. yea right..

So far the friend count hasn’t changed. I don’t know anyone new.. and that’s ok in my book!

We got our laptops on Sunday, so I’m using it to type at the moment!

In other news its pretty lonely here, lots of time to sit and do stuff.. I haven’t figured out exactly what to do yet.. I might join RPI TV.. bingo.. that reminds me where i wanted to go with all this..

I figured out how my ideal educational system might work, or at least a compent of it. You know how graduate students play a critical role in college classes, as TA and Instructors? Well I think a similiar system should exist for High School Students. Given most would not want the program, I for one would love to be a TA at South Hadley High School either helping the CS students, CAD, etc.. but no…. higher education does not find high school as high enough. I don’t see why not.. i don’t see any difference in knowledge of material from graduating HS and graduating college. Not too much I can do to change that tho…

I miss everything a lot. I miss Hot Chocolate, I miss what I built for myself at SHHS, I miss seeing my girlfriend the most of all.. and it just frustrates me that society has designed this system.. yes, I know it works for some people.. but look at all those people out there that aren’t following their passions. Me for example, my passion is directing live television in a stressful enviroment, so I founded the Tiger Times to kind get me started. Now I’m at college, pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering that will land me a job doing god knows what.. Yes, I enjoy computers, yes, I’m pretty good at them… no, it doesn’t excite me when programs work or when the hardware finally turns on.. it just frustrates me it wasn’t working when I first tried.

Maybe its the fact computers always have an undo, very much a contrast to Live TV… you screw up.. well, thats not an option. Computers always have the nifty UNDO button.

If anyone can tell me when the gravitational pull between two planets, or the integral of fsafiahfhsag has any relation to computer engineering, please let me know!

Rush might be next week… no frats for me.

God this system is frustrating me. If anyone out there has an “in” in the journalism field for a “kid” with 4 years experience working with mostly morons and no actual training or degree; please contact me ASAP.

I want to double major in Journalism. Why? Because computer will pay for living… I can get a job and make some money as an engineer.. how much money.. who cares? Making it as a journalist is a much harder thing to do.. so I didn’t try. Did i screw up? Probably… RPI doesn’t do double majors cross departments.. at least not easily.. I’d have to be here for another 2-3 years i figured… and I’m not even sure they have real “Journalism”

Well, that the story of my life.. actually.. I have another story thats been frustrating me.. but theres nothing I can do about it at all. I just have to life with it, for the rest of my life.. and I mean that.. literally.

Time for something else…

Who turned the heat on in these dorms?

Is this a cry for help?

I think it might be… what do I know

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  2. By Katie on Aug 30, 2006

    am i the one frustrating you? i hope not, if so, im soo sorry love, its just that i miss you so.

    things seem umm funn at RPI, m yea.

    journalism is interesting. not something i saw u doin, if its the cable studio directing stuff, i would recommend communications (but wat do i know, its just the field im goin in lol)

    but ill support u either way

    follow ur heart and ur dreams

    just do it

    maybe u can find a club that deals with that or a class that isnt a major or sumthing random

    just do wat u feel is right

    i love you hun

    im here for you

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