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The clock is running

August 21st, 2006 Posted in Life

and it won’t make it past 12…. I have approximately one day left, one day left in SH, one chance to leave things the way i need to leave them, one day to set things straight, one last time for the weights on the cookoo clock to fall… but this time they won’t be back up.

My mission here is done. I did a pretty good job addressing the mission presented over the past 5 years. (Almost to the date.. scarry huh?) I wrote the book, the thesis, the summary and delivered it.. Now what?? My mission is done, time to change targets I guess. My generation is growing up, so I have to hop on board once again.. time for another roller coaster, time to pretend to act surprised. Act as if I didn’t know that last turn was going to be a fast one, act as if I didn’t know the drop was coming, act as if I hadn’t already done this so many times before.

I have 24 hours to live, 24 hours from now I’ll be saying goodnight and not waking up. The sun will not shine, there will be no “goodmorning world” no more volvo, no more anything.

Its the end of the world as I know it,

And I feel blind…

I’m on the edge of the world as I know it,

won’t you please come and hold my hand..

Ok, time to paint the parting picture.. chances are I won’t be blogging until I’m up and running in RPI. Yes, different IP.. i know i know… Picture me, dressed like w.e standing on a cliff, overlooking something.. i really can’t tell.. and there is a freakishly blinding light facing me, and the cliff face. I’m tied to a rope, and anchor plummiting down.. there a matter of 24 hours before it pulls me… trying to hold my hand, trying to cut me loose, trying to tie me down.. nothings working… I won’t let go.. I won’t give up.. there is no day but today…failure is not will not and cannot be an option…………………… who needs the cliff? Lets just fly away like neo… if he can do it why can’t I?

My name is Dr. Brian A. Michalski, welcome to my world.

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  2. By Katie on Aug 22, 2006


    upon tears

    i miss and love you soo

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