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Time for work

August 7th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Good Morning. Today is Monday, I have work in one hour. Once again I’m sorry for the lack of recent updates, I’ve had trouble finding time to work on just about anything as of late. That will lead me to my first topic… I’m working on a fairly large/complicated projected but I can’t find time to do it in.. I work from 8:00 – 2:30 and I hangout until 10:00 after that… its tricky but there must be some way to factor in one hour of work a day, I really want this to work and I’ve got to figure out how to pull it off…. Let’s add a “hrm” to the time management board.

Second topic, College is coming rather quickly. As you can see from my header picture thingy, I die August 22nd. That’s the date I am removed from existance, the world goes on without me, everything I’ve built for the past forever will have to survive without me… Actually that’s move in day… I also like to think of it as dying.. but I’m wierd like that. Its two weeks and 1 day away, and I don’t want to spend that time doing things that I want.. I want to spend that doing what other ppl want, that would make me most happy.

Thirdly, I would like some advice, advice from Brian about one month away… what did I forget to bring to college? What did I messup on the way? etc etc… actually, there are lots of topics I’d like advice on but I won’t ask anyone. Past experience has told me a “don’t ask don’t do anything” policy might be best.. who knows? everyone but me

Fourth, I need a haircut. Please let me know when I can get one.. My head feels very not well and combing it did not help…. please… sometime… :-(

Fifth, I need to clean up this pile of aqua colored pencil shavings but I haven’t had time to clean house much.

Six, Ok.. I’m hungry.. time to rush to get ready for work.. catcha later amigos!

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  2. By Katie on Aug 7, 2006

    Im sorry

    go get ur hair cut

    do wat u want

    have fun doin w.e

    and for god sakes stop acting all depressed and blah, just ask ppl for advice already, im sure ur lil friends, or at least one of them somewhere in the world can help you

    take all the time u want to do w.e u want

    i wont bother u

    u just had to ask, thats all, tell me u wanted some time, u dont have to hangout with me

    i know u have other things to do

    so yea


    do them

    have funn


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