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eat up!

July 31st, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

My grandfather (mom’s dad) was a Navy Dentist.. and mom feels she has some kind of dental knowledge because of that. Today, for some freaky reason she decided to look at my teeth and deamed my smile “ugly” and “crooked”. At dinner she repeated the investigation and determined I need braces, or to see the orthodontist again. UGH…. I thought I was done with braces two years ago… but no, of course not… Mom and Dad both agree… mom thinks my teeth will determine if I can get a job, while appearance is a factor, knowledge is as well…grrr

and in other news… someone started eating a special cookie katie and I baked… it was very large and going to be very yummy to share.. i go to grab one of the normal sized ones around it and presto, our cookie is now shaped like a tiny moon. I made sure my family knew who baked those, bought them, etc… like they care.

My mom can be one of the rudest people you’ll ever meet. While she pretends to act all nice, deep down she’s not.. she was so mean I don’t think I can repeat it. She needs to realize not everyone is like her, and frankly.. I never want to be in a relationship with anyone like her…

UGH…. Braceface Brian in college…that was the complete backfire of the plan.. the idea was wear them in Middle/High School to get it over with before college… great plan mom :-(

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  2. By Katie on Jul 31, 2006

    You dont need braces! Thats prob the most retardest things i ever heard. Ur teeth are fine!

    Ur mom doesnt like me, sry im not like her, all lil miss proper, prim, and perfect. Im sry if im not good enough or sumthing.

    I love you.

    And dont u dare give into to the braces!!!

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