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July 25th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Today a trigger was executed setting forth a series of most unfortunate events. There is was no failsafe system designed and there is no way to abort the follow events. Please fasten your seat belts.

Yes, you shouldn’t understand that. No, it isn’t complete garbage.

I noticed one very wierd truth. Fun.. or opportunity.. yea, opportunity.. presents itself when I’m not around.

And for those of you who tried to read my resume and hire me :-D you were brought to a tracking page for my laptop, no I do not work for UPS and I do not come in a box. The link is fixed, read it, send me mail, hire me!

I really don’t remember where this blog was going.

I leave for college August 22nd, the day the music dies.. I lied.. August 22 is the day St. Columba reported seeing the Loch Ness monster.

Time is running out, and I really don’t know how to spend it. You know those questions, if you had 1 month, day, or week to live, how would you spend it? My answer: I have no clue. That’s where it seems I’m at currently. I have slightly under 1 month until I go to college, how do I spend it.

Well, I know I have work for most of it. Work does make money, which is nice.. especially since my parents are being wierd about it. I have gotten bored of eating the same food 18 years in a row, so now I find other food to eat. They dislike the idea of me spending money. I’ve saved money for at least 16 years, it should be their problem what I choose to do with it. I know most of it is stolen away into a college account that no one can really use, but I didn’t want the money I earned over summers, birthdays, christmas, etc etc to be locked away to buy a Calc II text book… I know that’s what I was thinking at age 12.

In one great example I had a piggy bank, see previous post… but mom wants that money to go toward books.. now that money was suppose to go toward a model train set way back in 3rd grade.. look at the last page of the Sears catalogs..

Hu hum.. time for bed.. work for 8am tomorrow… starting the long boring continuos workday.. i’m excited..


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    the end.

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