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June 15th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Today was an interesting day, as most of my other blog days are. That leads me to believe maybe I should blog a normal day once in a while. Hrm.. I’ll ponder that.

But yea, good news: I got the yes to having a fun week or so down at Myrtle Beach, the first thing that comes to mind is that scene the mom is painting from the movie about boys making a rocket.. I’m excited and I hope everything works out!!!! It sounds like a great adventure, I’ll take lots of pics…

Good news part II: I got my new camera, It was a birthday present returned… it hold like 600 pics on high settings. Canon A530, 5 Megapixels. That will be traveling with me wherever I go fancy.

Bad news: I was told this weekend is Vermont, I don’t want to; I have better things to do and I never get to do them. I went up to VT on my birthday weekend, unable to throw a party, and now I’m going up again.. missing another party… grrr… i’m gonna fight it…

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